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In ancient Roman mythology, Luciferus is the Son of the Dawn- the Morning Star that attended the growing light of day; the light bringer. Most beautiful, he brings personal illumination, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. In Ancient Greek, Phosphorus. The morning star is, of course, the planet Venus- associating this illumination and wisdom with love and self- love and self- knowledge, vital self awareness that is the cornerstone of spiritual seeking.

In Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, Lucifer and Diana are the God and Goddess of witches- their daughter, Aradia, comes to earth to teach witchcraft and help the poor and oppressed use magic to fight back against their oppressors.

Use this oil when seeing self knowledge, spiritual insight, personal strength and power and fighting for the underdog- wear it, anoint sigils or plain candles with it, and burn it in a candle based diffuser.

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