Love Is The Law Bath Oil


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Indulge your senses with this all natural blend of skin-soothing gentle natural oils. Essential oils and organic flowers.

Especially in the winter, our skin can get so dry that I will usually switch to bath oils instead of bath salts for my spiritual bathing. Afterwards my skin feels so soft and radiant!

Love is the Law bath oil blend is formulated to infuse your aura with a radiant, loving, attractive energy that draws similar energy to it- great if you are trying to find love, strengthen an existing relationship or to rekindle things with your partner! Love is the Law blend also helps to open, heal and rebalance your heart chakra- healing emotional wounds and reconnecting us to the flow of universal love that we are all from. Self- love is very important, after all.

Each bottle contains enough for at least 7 baths, depending on how much you use.

125ml in a sturdy glass bottle.

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