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We now have boxes available! The theme of our first box is At Home Self Care. In this box you will find a handmade chest rub (15.99 value) a handmade nourishing Oil (12.99 value), our special cold and flu tea (4.99 value) house made sencha eye pillows (5.00) and a lovely @myteadrop powder sprinkles made from match, ginger, and lemon, and can be added to tea, smoothies, or hot water! (2.50 value) a 41.50 value for 35 dollars plus tax:) these are available for pick up locally, or we can ship for an extra charge (will vary on location). Order yours on our web store (listing this evening) or call or email and we will arrange it for you! Thank you for supporting us, we are happy to take care of you!


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