White Light Empath Elixir


The divine feminine embraces you & creates sacred space during transformation. White Roses & Selenite.

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White Light is a delicate & deeply sacred blend of pure white Roses harvested from the coast of the sea and from the mountain side. The two sources bring a balance of the low, tidal Earth and grounding salt of the sea with the misty, expansive peaks of our very own Platte Clove mountain range. In that balance is you, your process, and your safety during transformation.

White Light calls in the divine feminine so you can create a sacred space where you feel safe to shed layers, live in vulnerability, and process any change or trauma you may be going through.

You can take White Light with the intention of creating a buffering shield or veil, much like the mist atop the very mountains it was made on, before entering a situation that brings back trauma in the body or in the midst of a very specific physical or spiritual transformation such as:

  • rituals
  • funerals
  • surgeries
  • divorces or other kinds of separations with lovers and friends
  • leaving a job
  • moving to a new home
  • starting a new relationship

Any situation where you feel naked, unveiled, and vulnerable can be met with safety, divinity, and smooth passage with White Light.

Ingredients: Crystal Essences of Selenite & Herkimer Diamond in herbal tinctures of White Roses from the mountains & the oceanside, spring water, & organic grape alcohol.

Credit: Aemen Bell 2016

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