Ghost Chaser Spiritual Cleansing Ritual Incense


Made from the highest quality herbs, essential oils and resins, this incense has a warm, rich scent that is sure to delight. Burn this incense blend on charcoal to turn bad luck around and for extra good luck in games of chance.

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It’s a known fact in the occult world that not all spirits are nice and mean well to those in our realm. Sometimes they can be malicious, harmful, spiteful or negative entities sent by others to bother and harass you spiritually.

Burn this incense on charcoal to fill your space with a powerful banishing magic to chase those unwanted spirits away.

I recommend washing your home out with Hyssop Wash and burning the Circle of Protection candle afterwards to ward your space against further unwanted spiritual presences.

Blended from all natural herbs, resins, roots and oils.
Burn on charcoal.


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Weight .020 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2.5 cm


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