Birds Tea Elixir


  • Hand made in the Hudson Valley.
  • Wild Mullein flower extract.
  • Gem essences of Shuttuckite, Amazonite, & Amber.
  • Healing for the throat chakra.
  • Invites better communication & expression.

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These powerful elixirs were handmade near the beautiful, historic mountain village of Woodstock, NY! There is so much creative, healing energy here and you can feel that in this elixir!

Purpose of use: To acknowledge and access inner guidance, to be true to yourself.
Opens the throat chakra to help allow clearer, and deeper expression. Offers protection of your feelings and expressions.


  • Unable to speak up for ones self
  • Overly identifying with what one says (eg needing to defend a comment you made at some point,  whether or not you even fully believe it now)
  • Physical throat issues
  • Obsession/overuse of social media and tv
  • Smoking
  • Never singing (this is a combination throat/heart chakra issue)
  • Speaking especially loud, fast, quiet
  • Not being able to have a true conversation ie, both speaking AND listening at deep levels
  • Speaking only or mostly of superficial issues
  • Complaining as a main form of communication (this is often brought on by being around others who do it first, but then becomes a challenging-to-break habit)
  • Feeling the need to lie, exaggerate, especially to feel safe or loved
  • Needing to talk about same thing over and over again
  • Using the throat chakra for protection or manipulation, for instance: If someone is in an abusive relationship, they may say “I love you” over and over to their abusers, while inside wishing they could run away and never see that person again. Another example could be the cliché of someone professing their love or admiration to another, not out of emotion, but just to get what they want. This is commonly called “butt kissing”. Now, could something called that be good for the throat chakra?


  • Holding different opinions than the general society or media
  • Holding different opinions than the family of origin, school, or social group as a child.
  • Being a sensitive person and living in an environment that does not allow for a full range of emotional expression, such as a big city where business, not connection is the main concern, or sometimes small towns where everyone feels watched and thus afraid to spontaneously act upon their emotions and thoughts for fear of being somehow exposed and again, ostracized.

Many people who had past life or other world experiences of being put to death for their opinions and lifestyles will also have an out of balance throat chakra. For instance, the women and men burned as witches: many of them were quite sensitive and lived close to nature, speaking with love and friendship to their plants and animals, and even doing healings on neighbors. This was labeled “the devil’s work” and they were killed for their open natures.

In this current life, if they expressed this side of them, they might be thought of as strange, but just as likely could seek out friends who would understand and celebrate their uniqueness, but because of their past experiences, have at some level decided “no one will ever know these things about me”. Sometimes they don’t even know themselves! They cover up their longing to experience their true nature by drinking or drugs, watching too much tv or using too much internet, or simply just spacing out. It is not only the people who were publicly put to death who would make these sort of “silencing the throat chakra” contracts.

Many people who saw or were aware of the witch trials would also feel the fear of true expression, and generations and generations of their children would be taught that to express is dangerous, much better to hide and go along. And it is not only the witch trials, what about people who were prejudiced against because of their culture and skin color, or people who loved others outside of what was deemed “appropriate” by society at the time. These people also set up contracts of hiding their expression and passing on that fear to others, usually children. The fears passed on to you from your parents could have originated with your great great great great grandparents!

Often children who are born more spiritual or artistic than the rest of their family end up having an imbalance in their throat chakra. It is often the case than to be “better” or “more advanced” than their family, thus risking being isolated and ostracized, they will either pretend to go along with their families ideas of life, or in some cases they become very quiet, choosing to simply not engage, but to live in their own world instead.

The throat chakra can be the most delicate energy center, and having a throat chakra that is out of balance leaves one open to other people or situations having too strong of an influence on you. When you observe someone who is loud, talks over others and can’t seem to be able to hear or understand an opposing opinion, you are witnessing someone who at some point had someone else’s throat chakra ego enveloping or jailing their own. This person may have had a family or other group situation as a child where no one was allowed to speak of any ideas that were not upheld by the group leader with out being somehow hurt in return, whether through ostracism or physical pain. At some point this person made a contract with themselves that to be safe they would never again be influenced by what any one else had to say. At the time, this seems to be exactly what they need, but humans are interdependent and are mean to be partially influenced by others, it is one of the many ways in which we learn. So they end up shutting down the receptive area of their throat chakra, which is the part that listens, and the part that allows what we receive through communication to teach us.

You may notice that the people who are loud and talk over others are also the people who almost exclusively talk about the past, and when they talk about the present or future, it is only in negative terms. Interestingly enough, through their desire to be safe from other people hurting them by overpowering them with thoughts and words, they actually are letting their lives be ruled by the one who originally overpowered them. They are stuck, they don’t grow, which is what the original “jailer” was energetically going to them, so they themselves continue the work of throat chakra oppression.

Ingredients: wild Mullein flowers, crystal essences of Shuttuckite, Amazonite, & Amber, pure spring water, & vodka.

Credit: Aemen Bell 2016

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